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About Us

About Us - Sago Pharma

SAGO International has successfully met the growing demands of the Pharmaceutical Industry with a wide range of effective formulations and medicines. We distribute a number of OTC (Over The Counter) drugs and other life-saving drugs which are safe to be consumed. All the medicines that we deal in are cost effective in nature as we buy them directly in bulk quantities. Our substantial growth is mainly attributed to the efficient and quality medicines that we deal in and also our expert sale practices. We directly cater to the needs of large, medium and small enterprises and individuals around the globe.

We are a customer oriented company and strongly believe in supplying superior quality medicines at the most economical prices. We are a leading supplier of a wide range of medicines, such as Oncology (Anti - Cancer) Drugs and Medicines, Nephrology Drugs, Virology (HIV/HBV/Influenza) Drugs, Blood and Plasma (Hematology) Products and Fungal Infection Drugs and Medicines. In addition to these, we also offer Critical Care (ICU) Drugs, Hormones and Biotechnology Drugs, Cardio - Diabetic Drugs, Asthma Care Drugs, Surgical Sutures and Hospital Disinfectants. The product portfolio includes Patented, Off-patented (Generics)- Biotech- Bio-similar drugs.

Meeting individual patient need with medicines sourced world wide

SAGO International gives consumers access to a vast range of products from suppliers across the world. An extensive range of products and services enables SAGO International to satisfy its growing international client base. The group stocks products across a wide range of sectors, covering UK, USA and European branded ethical, generics and over the counter medicines.

The right formula for generics

SAGO International are unique in offering a full-line wholesale service with the widest possible purchasing options and the most competitive prices for generics in the pharmacy market.

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Our Mission

Furthermore, our up-to-date product portfolio allows it to guarantee optimum quality products and thus strengthen its competitiveness. Hence, the regular customers and walk-in clients are guaranteed complete satisfaction. We are always working at our best to meet the ever changing needs of the customers. We work as a team with our customers to achieve our high set of objectives. We are committed towards ensuring continual improvements in the effectiveness of “Quality Management System”.

Our Vision

Today, the company continues to develop and expand its horizon to keep pace with the growing and changing demand of the industry. By utilizing and developing innovative methods, the possibilities are boundless as SAGO International and its international subsidiary companies strives to give its client world-class products. Our service towards our customers is also included in this strive for innovation.

08+ Years

We have been working for more than 8yrs for making earth a healthy planet.


SAGO International Distributers work around the clock to help pharmacies, hospitals, long-term facilities, clinics and other healthcare providers across the world.


The global presence help us to serve the diverse needs of patients and healthcare professionals worldwide.


SAGO International has strong ties with multinational pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributers and with full line wholesalers which help us to import medicines from all over the world.


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